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The Power of Just One Apple

rsz_apple_a_dayHow about an enjoyable, easy and inexpensive habit that offers incredible health protection?  Eat one whole apple every single day.  This one simple habit can slash your risk of heart disease and stroke, lower your risk of cancer (including breast cancer in women), improve the health of your gut and help you manage your weight. 

Your Heart Loves Apples

In a recent study from the University of Oxford, researchers concluded that for adults over 50 years of age eating one apple daily could lower the risk of dying from heart disease as much as taking a statin daily (one of the most commonly prescribed drugs to lower blood cholesterol).  That’s significant!

In another study from Ohio State University, healthy middle-aged adults who consumed one apple daily for four weeks significantly lowered blood levels of oxidized LDL (bad) cholesterol. When LDL cholesterol interacts with free radicals and is oxidized, it becomes especially dangerous. It is more likely to promote inflammation, damage blood vessel walls, and result in hardening of the arteries. Researchers described the study results as “tremendous,” stating that daily apple consumption was more effective than other antioxidants they have studied, including those found in turmeric and green tea.

Strong Cancer Protection

The plant compounds in apples demonstrate strong cancer-fighting properties. Based on animal research from Cornell University, eating just one apple a day may considerably lower breast cancer risk in women. Eating two to three apples a day lowers the risk even more. Regular apple eating is also linked to a lower risk of colon, prostate, lung, liver, and skin cancer.

Apples Are Good for Your Gut

Animal research from the University of Denmark says apples are very good for gut health. They act as prebiotics and promote the growth of “good” or friendly bacteria along your digestive tract. A healthy gut plays an extremely powerful role in overall health, including immunity and the prevention of disease. 

Slim Your Waist With Apples

In a study from Florida State University involving 160 women aged 45 to 65, eating apples daily (two per day) resulted in significant weight loss.  Studies also link apples to a lower risk of abdominal or belly fat.

Other research from Pennsylvania State University compared the satiety or fullness factor of apples consumed in different forms. People who ate a whole apple before lunch consumed 15% fewer calories at lunch than those who had applesauce or apple juice. Eating whole apples, including the skin, offers the best protection for your health by far – the skin is loaded with antioxidants and whole apples contain significantly more fibre too.

Lessons Learned:

Eating one whole apple daily is an easy and powerful way to protect your health.  Apples are good for your heart, gut and waistline and reduce your risk of cancer too.




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  1. Reply Patti Pokorchak Posted on February 2, 2014 at 1:33 pm | Permalink

    hi Liz

    I love apples but just read this about bananas – what do you think? Do you think they’d really replace apples?

    • Reply Liz Pearson Posted on February 4, 2014 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

      Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables always makes the best sense. Bananas are great, apples I think even better, but both deserve a spot. The article you shared on bananas, I feel, could have been better researched and written, but bananas still have a lot to offer. They are, most importantly, an excellent source of potassium. This is a nutrient almost everybody does not get enough of and is critical for healthy blood pressure. Happy day!

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