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Connect With Your Kids… Any Way You Can

How connected are you to your kids? Do you know how they are doing? Are they happy? Do they share with you their hopes, their dreams and their fears? For me, some of the best connections I’ve had with my oldest daughter Chelsea have been via a Blackberry. Just about the time she was heading off to university she got one. Then I got one. Then we started to BBM or Blackberry message each other. I was able to connect with her via her world (texting) as opposed to her connecting with me via mine. In my world connecting might mean the two of us going for a walk or sharing a cup of tea. In her world, this would be, well… boring! Anyway, with the Blackberry, my daughter and I got into a regular rhythm of conversation. This mode of communication worked well for her life and it worked well for mine too. We often poked fun at each other and we usually made each other laugh. I learned how to use all the little “emotion icons”, like happy faces, winking faces, sticking out your tongue faces and rolling on the floor laughing faces. And yet, among all the fun, I also managed to check in, see how she was doing and always send an “I love you!”

Lessons Learned:

• Staying connected to your kids and how they are doing is important. It doesn’t matter how you connect. It only matters that you do.


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