Broccoli, Love & Dark Chocolate

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“If I could, I would give “Broccoli, Love & Dark Chocolate” ten stars. The text portion of this book is a great reference guide for healthy eating. Liz Pearson has assembled a host of random tips into a well organized and easy to read guide. The recipes are fantastic and several are now favorites at our house. My husband picked up the book one day and thumbed through. An hour later, he asked me where I had gotten the book. He said “This is great” and then read out loud “Dark Leafy Greens are a Nutritional Goldmine.” Yes Honey, I know but I’m glad you’ll take Liz Pearson’s word for it if you won’t take mine. >insert smile< He then began to place bookmarks at the recipes he wanted us to try. Our favorite so far is “Warm Lentil Salad with Feta and Fresh Herbs.” Liz Pearson’s book is so delicious, you won’t realize you’re eating healthy.”
Janet, Goodreads Review

“A visually delicious cookbook! This is a big and bold book of recipes and life advice. I enjoyed browsing through the recipes and reading the life lessons opposite each recipe – the author has picked out personal stories with just the right amount of inspiration to go with the advice. Healthy tips and nutritious foods go together so well, and I am keeping it close to hand in the kitchen to browse through while I’m waiting for water to boil, or thinking about my meal planning for the coming week. The design is very fresh and airy feeling, with great colours, which inspire me to follow some of the healthy advice. I have tried a few recipes – the roasted chick peas are delicious, and the lentil dish is a becoming particular favourite! It would be a great gift idea too!”
Jennifer, Goodreads Review

“I think “Broccoli, Love & Dark Chocolate” is fantastic! Liz has included insightful nutritional information at the beginning of her book as well as with each recipe. Her lists of ingredients are ones that I can find easily. The recipes are simple to follow with ‘multiple’ tips. I find my eyes wandering to the Life Lesson beside each recipe… some I learn from, some cause me to think and some simply validate my own feelings. What a well thought out book! A great gift idea!”
Dale, Goodreads Review

“Liz Pearson is a dietitian that inspires! This book will give you pleasure, joy and make you think. It’s the perfect mix of delicious recipes, comprehensible nutrition insights and profound reflections on life. It’s absolutely addictive – as addictive as dark chocolate!”
Sabine Steiner, Cardiologist

“Liz’s valuable, research-backed nutrition advice helps me sort out fact from fiction. Her recipes are quick, simple and delicious. Most importantly, her life lessons have touched me deeply. Bottom line, I love Liz’s infectious desire to live fully with compassion and joy.”
Melody Walsh, Nurse

“You’ll love this book! It will nourish your body, as well as your soul.
P.S. The chili recipe is now my new standard.”
Patti Pokorchak, Author of “The Reinvention Rebel – Living Life With No Regrets!”

“Eat healthy, love lots and be decadent from time to time! The combination of great nutrition information, along with soul searching truths and wisdom make this book relevant as well as inspiring! I love the Spinach Salad and Decadent Chocolate Cake recipe too!”
Jo-Anne Hill, Hospitality Consultant

“This book helps incorporate spirit into the home and kitchen and most importantly daily life. Too often we become food focused and lose sight of nourishment for our minds and hearts. Liz reminds us in a very delicious way.”
Greg Biehn, Healthcare Marketing Manager

“Liz Pearson wants me to feed myself better. She wants me to be happy, too. After reading Broccoli, Love & Dark Chocolate, I totally understand why. It’s packed with easy-to-digest health and nutrition information that Liz further distils into easy-to-follow advice and recipes like a friend at my kitchen table, along with stories that remind me to slow down and enjoy life and those around me. It’s a great resource that I know I’ll turn to repeatedly and an inspiring read for anyone who wants to take a bunch of small steps towards big improvements in their health and welfare—and their family’s, too.”
Tracy Bordian, Freelance Editor




How Is This Book Different?

I’ve written three books and all have received awesome reviews. My last two were national bestsellers and both won awards of excellence (of which I’m very proud). How is this book different? The goal of my last three books was to get you healthy. The goal of this book is to get you healthy and happy. How wonderful is that! Life is so much more than just broccoli and dark chocolate. What you eat is important (very important!), but who you are and how you choose to live each day is equally so. I want you and your family to live the best life possible—a life full of laughter, love, good health, and good food. As always, I’ve included bite-size, reader-friendly, science-backed nutrition information along with totally delicious and easy recipes made with superfood ingredients. The new and exciting part (this is where the happiness part comes in) is the life lessons—you get one with every recipe. The lessons are about love, friendship, gratitude, honesty, courage, and forgiveness, just to name a few. You can learn about food plus love and life. Does it get any better? I don’t think so!

Top 10 Reasons To Buy This Book:

1.  Your body is the most important home you’ll ever live in. Learn how to make it the healthiest and happiest home possible.

2.  Superstar foods, such as berries, nuts, and dark leafy greens, can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and dementia, to name a few. Learn how and why to fill your life with superfoods.

3.  You can slow down the aging process and even turn back the clock by choosing the right types of foods. Discover which foods are anti-aging all-stars. The quality of your life should be good right up until the end!

4.  We are surrounded by food insanity: huge portions, unhealthy ingredients, and a seemingly unlimited availability. Reducing your intake of dietary villains—sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats—is mandatory for good health. Learn how to minimize your intake of the bad stuff, even on the run.

5.  Ever-changing headlines about food and nutrition are frustrating and confusing. One day a food is good for you, the next day, not so good. It’s hard to know what to believe. Find solid, science-based answers to your questions. Healthy eating shouldn’t be so hard!

6.  If you want to look, feel, and be your best, maintaining a healthy body weight matters. Losing weight, however, is tough. Keeping it off is even tougher. Gain insight into weight management and discover strategies that work.

7.  Lack of physical activity can kill you, literally! Get educated and inspired to keep your body in motion. If you care about your health, there is no other option.

8.  Recipes help put advice into action. The recipes in this book are loaded with all-star, healthy ingredients. Most fit into a busy day. Best of all, each and every recipe passes the “healthy-never-tasted-so-good” test. You’ll love them and so will your kids.

9.  You should be healthy, but also happy, joyful, and free! That’s why each recipe is accompanied by a life lesson. These lessons will inspire you to dream bigger, reach higher, go farther, and let go of all the things in your life that don’t serve you well.

10. Everything shared in this book—the advice, the recipes, and the life lessons—comes from a place of love. And many of the life lessons are about love—wonderful, irreplaceable, beautiful love. My hope is that by reading this book, you will love yourself more, love others more, and love your life more, too!