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Would You Rather Be A Duck, A Tortoise, A Chimpanzee, A Lion, An Owl, An Eagle Or A Dog?

If you could be any animal you wanted to be, what would you choose?  I can’t choose just one.  I find that limits me too much.  I’ve decided I’d like to be a duck, a tortoise, a chimpanzee, a lion, an owl, an eagle and a dog.  Yes, a little overwhelming I know, but that’s just me.  As a duck I’d let all the stuff that really doesn’t matter – which is 99.9% of stuff – just roll off my back.  As a tortoise, I’d slow down, because it’s only when I slow down, that I’m able to see the beauty that surrounds me.  As a chimpanzee, I’d embrace fun and swing through the treetops of life whenever I got the chance.  As a lion, I’d have so much courage I’d do even the things that scare me the most.  As an owl, I’d become wise simply by watching my surroundings.  As an eagle, I’d soar to new heights and achieve dreams I never imagined possible.  Lastly, as a dog – and perhaps this is the most important one – I’d love the people who matter most in my life just as they are and I’d be the best friend they ever had.

Lessons Learned:

  • Animals teach us to live in the moment, slow down, have fun, be brave, be wise, reach higher and love deeply without limits.  Do your best to be more animal-like today.




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  1. Reply Patti Pokorchak Posted on June 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    hi LIz

    I”m so like you – I couldn’t choose one either but totally agree that being a dog is best. We can learn so much from animals and how dogs, cats, ducks and geese can all get along together.

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