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Why The Loss Of A Parent Is Giant-Size

rsz_loss_of_a_parentThis past week I attended a funeral.  It was for a man who was a significant part of my childhood.  He was a farmer and his name was Johny.  He lived on the farm up the road from ours (our family lived in the city, but we spent every weekend and all of our summers growing up on a farm).  Johny helped us to farm our land and to take care of our cows.  I spent a great deal of time at his farm and with his children growing up.  Johny lived a good, long life and many kind words were shared about him at his funeral.  After the funeral was over, there was a luncheon.  It was here that I got to re-connect with Johny’s children (now all grown up).  I asked each one of them what they loved most about their dad.  It was Shirley’s answer (the youngest of the four kids) that touched me the most.  She thought about it for a moment and then said “what I loved most about my dad is that I knew he really loved me.”  Is there a more beautiful answer than that?  Isn’t that what parents do best – even our less than perfect parents (as all parents are).  I believe the reason losing a parent hurts so much is because the love we share with them is giant-size.  It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s so all encompassing.  It’s the kind of love that can’t be replaced.  Whether your parents are alive today or not (both mine are), take some time to truly appreciate the giant-size love you share with them.  This is BIG love.  There is nothing more magnificent, more incredible and more totally wonderful than big, huge, giant-sized love.

Lessons Learned:

The love we share with our parents is big love.  It’s giant-size.  It’s all encompassing.  Whether your parents are alive today or not, appreciate how big, how special and how truly irreplaceable that love is and always will be.


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