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What Pure Joy Feels Like

rsz_bev_and_her_bikeImagine crossing Africa from north to south and covering almost 12,000 kilometers (about 7,500 miles) on your bike over a period of four months (and I don’t mean a motor bike!).  The trip is called Tour d’Afrique.  It is considered a test of the mind, body and bike.  Bev Coburn, at age 62, completed this trip in 2012.  She’s the sister of a woman I play hockey with.  This trip involved riding from sunrise to sunset under every type of road condition you can imagine, often in very remote areas.  Here are just some of the things that Bev learned about life and herself on this trip.  If you have a dream, never give up on it.  Bev dreamed of doing this trip for many years.  She thought it would be the trip of a lifetime and it truly was!  She loved the physical exertion.  She loved the unique personality and breath-taking beauty of each of the ten countries she rode through.  She loved doing something that was so challenging – it was frightening at times, but always amazing.  She learned how to adapt to every type of person and situation you can imagine.  She discovered that how she thinks and does things is not always the way other people think and do things.  The best part, however, was the feeling of “pure joy” she experienced.   Although she did this trip with a group of 42 other people, much of each day was spent riding on her own, all by herself.  It was just her and her bike and the vast, glorious land all around her.  At times, she just wanted to pinch herself.  “Is this really me?  Am I really doing this?”  Yes, it was her and she was doing it!!!  How about you?  What’s your dream and are you doing it?

Lessons Learned: 

Dreams are meant to be followed.  Have the courage to follow yours.  Do things that challenge you, scare you and make you come alive.  You’ve got one life to live.  Make it a great one!




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