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The Value of An Amazing Hello

rsz_wayneIf you drive about one hour north-west of Toronto, there is a restaurant called “Mono Cliffs Inn.” In the basement is “Peter Cellars Pub.” Wayne has run the pub for almost 20 years and has many fans for good reason.  Wayne knows how to say hello.  He greets every person he meets with genuine enthusiasm, friendliness, joy and love. Whether he’s meeting you for the first time or you’ve known him for years, his “hellos” are truly legendary. He welcomes everyone he encounters with a huge smile, a keen handshake, a giant hug, and often a kiss. He calls you “darling” or “sweetheart” or some other term of endearment. He’s so happy to see you – truly delighted.  A greeting from Wayne makes you feel special, appreciated and loved. That is the value of an amazing hello! How warm and wonderful are your hellos? Do they differ with different people – your partner, kids, parents, co-workers or friends? Are you warmer in person then you are on the phone? Do you wait for others to greet you warmly, before greeting others warmly back?  What limits or blocks more heartfelt hellos?  Every human interaction is an opportunity to say hello with love. Make all of your hellos warmer and more welcoming today.

Lessons Learned:
How you greet people really matters. Greet everyone you meet with genuine enthusiasm, joy, friendliness and love!



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