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The Most Beautiful Relationship Of All

rsz_relationship_with_selfThe person you most need to see, feel, hear and get to know is you.  The biggest mountain you ever climb and the deepest river you ever swim should also be for you.  No one is more important for you to trust, support, respect, care about, forgive, appreciate, understand, have compassion for, cherish, never abandon, celebrate and truly love, than you!  This is not about being selfish, self-centered, arrogant or narcissistic.  It’s about developing a relationship with yourself that is stronger, deeper and more profound than all others.

How do you form such a relationship?  What has to happen to achieve success?  If you can say to yourself “there is not one other person in the world that I would rather share life with”, then you know you are well on your way.  Your greatest honour and privilege in life should be getting to spend time with you, getting to know you, and getting to travel through life with you – step by step, breath by breath.  No one else gets this honour and privilege!  No other human being on the entire planet has such intimate, interior access to who you are – to what you really think, feel, believe and know.  No one else gets to see from the inside out the depth of your uniqueness, your beauty or your talent.  Sharing life with you truly should be your greatest honour and privilege!!!

What do you get by creating an exceptional relationship with yourself – one that surpasses all others?  You get it all.  You get happiness, joy, freedom and love.  You get dreams that come true.  You get relationships that shine.  Miracles happen and the world becomes a better place.  That is the power of knowing you, seeing you, loving you and being you.  There is no power like it.

Lessons Learned: 

The most important relationship you’ll ever have, is the one you have with yourself.  It determines the strength of all others.  Make it beautiful and everything else in your world becomes beautiful too.




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