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The Million Dollar Weight Control Secret

How would you like the million dollar secret to maintaining a healthy body weight?  I’m talking about the ultimate secret, the magic formula, what people are dying to know and the definitive solution to this obesity epidemic we find ourselves in.  This secret is so simple you may be tempted to disregard it.  Do so at your own peril.  Here it is.  DO NOT GAIN THE WEIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Let me repeat myself (this message deserves reinforcement!!!)  Do not gain the weight in the first place!  Easier said than done you might say.  I say it’s not as hard as you might think.  The key is to pay attention!  Notice when your pants start to get tight.  Notice when the number on the scale starts to inch higher.  Notice when your waistline is expanding.  Once you notice, do something about it right away!  Adjust your eating.  Add more activity to your day.  Engineer your eating environment for success (healthy foods in sight, unhealthy foods out of sight).  Do whatever it takes to stop the weight gain train.  Why?  Preventing weight gain is far easier than losing weight once it’s arrived.  It’s not impossible to lose the weight, it’s just significantly harder.  Make it easy for yourself!  Don’t gain it in the first place.  Now you owe me a million dollars!!!  I mean it!

Lessons Learned:

The ultimate solution to maintaining a healthy body weight is not to gain the weight in the first place.  Everything else pales in comparison.


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