I consistently receive high rankings on evaluation forms. I am re-booked by clients time and again.

“I’ve been attending conferences for 17 years and Liz’s seminar is the best I have ever been to. Liz is polished, passionate, practical and an outstanding, all-star speaker. She was worth the cost of the conference alone! Please ask her to come again!”

Family Physicians, Primary Care Today Conference

“I have been to many presentations in my 20+ years as a hygienist and I have to say this was the most informative and fun presentation I have been to. Thanks for the information and the inspiration.”

Hygienist, Thompson Okanagan Dental Society

“Liz Pearson is a powerful and articulate speaker. She’s clear, concise and to the point. She has your attention – there’s never a dull moment. I loved her infusion of humour. Bring her back anytime! Wow!”

Odette Cancer Centre

“Liz’s talk was more profound and of more value than all the information presented at the conference. She is so well spoken, so passionate and so knowledgeable about her subject. I also loved the fitness breaks – every speaker should do them to keep their audience engaged!”

Dental Health Professional, Northern Ontario Dental Association

“Awesome.  Life changing.  Inspirational.  Liz is passionate about her topic and makes all listeners a convert.  Her presentation was seamless and she was so energetic.”

The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

“Liz was definitely the highlight of our nutritional evening. She’s a dynamic, well-informed and entertaining speaker. One parent commented that she learned more about nutrition from Liz in an hour than she learned in her whole nursing program. Liz is GREAT at what she does!

Egremont Community Parent Council

“Liz’s presentation was one of the best presentations on health and nutrition I have ever seen.”

Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec

“Liz is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard. The time flew – I could have listened forever. What I liked best about her presentation was her energy and conviction. She inspires confidence because she has such a command of her topic. She is a true professional.”

Diva Foundation Speaker Series

“Liz was fantastic! She was captivating, energetic, and informative, and has an awesome sense of humour. She gave a compact synopsis of all the major food issues. Her information was relevant and entertaining.”

Hamilton Nutrition Committee

“Liz is vibrant, passionate and positive.  She is full of life!  Her presentation was entertaining, creative and full of practical tips I can use in every day life.”

Dress For Success Women’s Group

“If you have a chance to see Liz – DO IT!! She doesn’t just repeat stats and facts – she really knows her stuff. If she came back tomorrow I would attend her seminar again in a heartbeat.”

Simcoe Board of Education

“Liz is awesome!  She’s very informed and backs up all of her information with studies.  She’s high energy and inspiring.  You can tell she loves what she does.”

Manitoba Dental Association

“I just want you to know that a Manager walked into our interview session today with a glorious platter of fresh fruits instead of the typical Tim Horton Donut Dozen. What a wonderful treat! Apparently, the dietitian (Liz Pearson) that spoke at the All Managers Conference this week left quite the impression. Thank you for focusing on such an important issue.”

LCBO Manager

“Liz is passionate, enthusiastic and extremely articulate. She told us what we needed to know and supported it with studies and solid research. I loved her candor and personal examples. She kept our attention the whole time and answered all questions. The session was informative, fun and fast-paced without ever being preachy.”


“Everyone should see Liz’s presentation. I loved Liz’s energy and passion. She truly inspired me! She had the attention of the audience at every single moment. I would recommend Liz to anyone or any organization. I’ll be making changes in my lifestyle for sure.”

VON Peel

“I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our all Managers conference. You were so effective in weaving together the material and information in an interesting, informative and humorous way. We all enjoyed it. Thanks again-and keep on dancing!!”

Murray Kane, Senior Vice-President, LCBO

“Liz was incredible!!! We were very fortunate to have her adjust her plans and attend our conference as our keynote speaker. She was energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about her topic. On top of this, her personality made her wonderful to work with. Liz spoke for over an hour. Her talk was packed with information. The audience remained engaged. I would truly recommend Liz as a speaker.”

Toni Laurie, Timewise Events Management Inc.

“I loved her! Practical approach. Latest research. She’s dynamic, high-energy, attention-grabbing, fun, uses humour and is very informed. I can’t imagine a better presentation!”

Canadian Institute for Health Information

“Absolutely amazing speaker! She was personable, energetic, funny, practical, entertaining and engaging. Time flew by!”

Sunnybrook Hearing Centre

“Superb! Priceless! Fabulous! Captivating! Excellent presenter! Thank you for a wonderful evening!”

Halton Registered Dietitian Network

“Liz offered so much “did not know” valuable information in a small period of time. She’s engaging, fun, knowledgeable, full of energy and extremely motivating. Her seminar is a “must-see”. I wish my husband, parents and sister has been with me!

Nestle Nutrition Group

“Your presentation was powerful and the learning was appreciated. Keep dancing Liz – you are so motivating and make a positive difference!!! BRAVO!! We so enjoyed our time with you today!!!”

The Granite Club

“I liked everything about Liz’s presentation, especially her humour and enthusiasm. Her talk was as entertaining as it was informative. It’s so refreshing to hear someone emphasize the pleasure of eating, instead of making us feel guilty about food. I give her 11 out of 10!”

Translation Group

“Liz sure kept everyone’s interest! She’s passionate, informative and entertaining. Her information is relevant and presented with humour.”


“Liz’s seminar was excellent! It was the most practical and helpful seminar of the day. It was an eye-opener that was easy to swallow.”

William Osler Health Centre Clinic Day

“Liz Pearson was amazing. Her presentation was clear, precise, practical and a pleasure to listen to. I was in awe of her knowledge of food and her presentation.”

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation

“Liz Pearson’s talk was amazing! She’s a dynamic speaker with lots of energy! The research was thorough and up-to-date. Great practical tips and recommendations. One of the best, if not the best speakers I have ever seen.”

Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference

“Liz is a motivating, fantastic speaker. Everyone was “all ears” and never missed a sentence! The information was tremendously valuable.”

 Office of the Chief Internal Auditor

“Liz Pearson was brilliant. She gave the best practical information and used language and examples that really hit home.”

University of Guelph Functional Foods Symposium

“Definitely have Liz speak at your next meeting and read her book. She’s fun, current, informative and knowledgeable. She speaks with clarity, provides rationale for her recommendations and has a realistic approach to healthy eating. She’s clearly an expert in her field and very inspiring! She is ‘a must-see’!”

Office of the Employer Adviser

“What did I like best about Liz’s presentation? Everything! What could have made the presentation better? Nothing – it was fabulous. Liz is a dynamic speaker and so knowledgeable. She’s well spoken and precise. Don’t miss her!! Very beneficial!!!

Ontario Real Estate Association

“Very, very informative, educational & never a dull moment.”

Nida Erpelo, Sheraton Centre

“Great seminar! Liz gets 10 out of 10. She’s very interesting and dynamically persuasive.”

Andre Purlin, Hoffman La-Roche

“Liz is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. Her seminars should be mandatory for all.”

Chris Bennett, Warner-Lambert

“Fantastic speaker. Best we’ve ever had. I’d like to hear her again.”

Faye Maligeorgos, IBM

“Can’t imagine a better seminar ! Excellent speaker – personable & knowledgeable.”

Helen Goudge, Mayfair Racquet & Fitness Club

“Very informative seminar. It was simple, precise and with humour. Liz is an excellent speaker! She’s dynamic, energetic and keeps everyone’s interest.”

Katherine Ross, Meeting Professionals International

“Very informative. Excellent visuals. Fun filled. Spoken in layman’s terms.”

Barb Meisner, Girl Guides of Canada

“Dynamic speaker. Dynamic content. I absolutely loved the flow, energy and visual presentation of the information. I’d love to hear Liz in a full day presentation.”

Guelph HeartSmart Women’s Event

“Great content – topics all 100% relevant to everyday eating. Liz is very personable and very well informed.”

Ryhaan Zaman, S.A.P. Canada

“I’m impressed – nutrition & health – actually fun and put together in a great format.” Scott Bagiolole, Canadian Hotel Marketing &

Sales Executives Association

“Great! Liz Pearson is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever seen.”

Kyle McCulloch, Sports Clubs of Canada