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Sitting Is The New Smoking… Get Up and Move!

Prolonged sitting – whether it’s at a computer, in front of the television or in your car – is not just bad for your health, it’s deadly.  The University of Leicester in Britain analyzed 18 studies involving almost 800,000 people and found that people who spend most of their day sitting are 147% more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke and 90% more likely to die from it if they do.  Diabetes risk goes up by 112%.  The chance of premature death jumps by about 50%.  Other research has found a link between sitting and cancer risk, including cancer of the colon.  Why is sitting so deadly?  The human body was not designed to sit – not for long periods of time anyway!!!  It totally rebels when you do.  Inflammation increases.  Your resistance to insulin goes up (a key risk factor for diabetes development).  Fat starts to accumulate around your belly.  You’re more likely to experience unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, as well as high blood pressure.  If you think starting or ending your day with a good workout or a long walk is the answer, it’s not.  While regular physical activity is critical to good health and should not be missed, too much sitting is a separate risk factor all on its own!  The solution: stand up and walk two minutes for every 20 minutes of sitting time (dancing or jumping around is also an option!).  Set a timer if you have to.  Taking small breaks from sitting helps to lessen the harm of a sedentary day.  It helps to give your body what it wants and needs.  Give your body what it wants and needs today!

Lessons Learned:

Your body was not meant to sit for long periods of time.  It’s harmful to health.  It can kill you.  Minimize the damage by walking two minutes for every 20 minutes of sitting time.



I’m a registered dietitian with a passion for peanut butter sandwiches and an undying love for chocolate. I’ve been researching, writing, and speaking about eating for optimal health for over 25 years. I have two wonderful daughters, love hiking year-round, and playing hockey in the winter. Perhaps, most importantly, I never let a good dance song go to waste!


  • November 3, 2012
    Janice Howison

    Enjoyed your seminar today at the dental convention. Great info and so well prepared.
    Thank you


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