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Real Love Doesn’t Need To Be Chased

rsz_raining_loveI don’t consider myself an expert on love, as I still have lots to learn. I have, however, made some simple, but powerful observations about what love is and what it’s not. One of them is this – if love is real, you shouldn’t have to chase it – not ever. True love doesn’t require such action. It doesn’t require begging, pleading, insisting or demanding of any kind. Real love just is – it’s always present and always there. When we beg or plead for love (or liking, or approval, or acceptance) from anyone – our partner, our friends, our family or our co-workers – we’re just feeding that part of us that feels unworthy, unseen, or less than. We think we have to be someone else or do something different in order to get what we want and need. In reality, however, every single person on this planet deserves love and lots of it. It’s our birthright and ultimately, I believe, why we’re here. Most of us, however, have grown up with a version of love that’s not as generous, as kind, or as forgiving as it could be – one that also comes with conditions. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to lose touch with that sacred part inside of us that can provide love at any time. How about you? Do you chase, demand or beg for love (or liking, or approval, or acceptance) from anyone? Are you willing to stop doing so? Can you fill your life with people who can and want to love you (and still love the ones that don’t)? Most importantly, are you doing an awesome job of loving yourself?

Lessons Learned: Don’t chase love. Fill your life with people who can’t wait to love you. Love yourself. Love is our birthright. It’s what we all deserve!


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