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Nature Heals Like No Other

rsz_if_nature_is_your_teacherWhen my daughter Chelsea was about five years old we went to visit my brother who lives on a farm.  While we were there I asked her whether she would rather live in the city or the country.  “The country,” she replied.  When I asked her why, she responded “It just feels good!”  These are wise words.  After returning home from hiking the West Coast Trail, I came to the conclusion that human beings were not created to live our lives inside four walls and a ceiling.  The concrete jungle is not our true home.  Outside and in nature is where we find true peace, true calm, and real beauty.  It’s where we connect deeply to ourselves, to a power beyond ourselves and to what matters.  It’s where we heal.  Although I still live much of my life indoors, I make it a priority to spend time outdoors every single day.  On the days that I am not traveling, I hike in the ravine near my house.  It has a winding river, many tall and majestic trees, and some incredible lookouts.  There is not one single day spent in that ravine that I don’t feel incredible gratitude for all that it brings to my life.  How often do you spend time in nature?  Do you let it calm you, touch you and heal your soul?

Lessons Learned:

Nature is among the greatest of all gifts.  Appreciate it, take care of it and spend time with this gift.  It will enrich and touch your soul like few other things can.



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