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Kissing Makes Life More Delicious!

If you are married, have a special someone in your life, or soon hope to have a special someone in your life, this article is for you.  It’s about kissing.  When was the last time you shared a really, wonderful, knock-em-dead, all-out kiss with your partner?  I’m not talking about a peck on the cheek.  I’m talking about a real kiss – a passionate, beautiful, amazing, incredible kiss!  I think kissing makes life way more delicious and most of us don’t do enough of it.  We do a lot of kissing at the beginning of our relationships, but as time goes by, kissing just isn’t the priority it used to be.  One of my most memorable days was spent by a riverbank kissing my childhood sweetheart for a whole afternoon.  What a sweet afternoon that was!  So here’s the question?  If you knew you had just one day left to live, wouldn’t you want at least one more, awesomely wonderful, great kiss in your life?  I would.  What’s stopping you from enjoying one today?  Or even everyday?

Lessons Learned:

  • Great kissing is a wonderful part of life.  Make your life more wonderful by taking time to truly kiss your spouse, partner, or lover today!




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