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Grief Makes Life More Beautiful and You More Human Too

rsz_grieving_quote(1)Loss is an inevitable part of life. No one is immune. It comes in all shapes and sizes – you lose someone you love dearly, an important relationship ends, your job is terminated, your kids leave home, your health is compromised. How you handle loss greatly impacts your happiness and well-being. If you don’t grieve well (especially the big losses!), it’s easy to get stuck where you are. You race around trying to fill the hurt with excess food, work or alcohol. You try to control life, and the people in your life, in an attempt to stop further losses from coming your way. You feel alone, isolated, depressed or disconnected. Life may lose meaning. You end up losing more. That’s not how life should be. Loss is a natural part of life, just like sunshine and rain. Grief – all grief – is meant to be honoured and respected. Honour and respect yours! Stop running. Don’t complicate, deny or resist any of it. Name your losses and surrender to them. Feel your sadness and your pain. Accept what is. Share your grief with those who care, know how to listen and understand. Have compassion (not pity!) for your broken hopes and dreams – the way you wanted things to be. Most importantly, be truly gentle and kind to yourself during this time. Grief can be hard. Take good care of you. Lastly, don’t grieve just the big losses in life. All change brings loss and invites us to let go of what was. Don’t miss the invitation, no matter how small. Done well, ultimately, grieving brings comfort, peace and joy. It definitely sets us free. How good are you at grieving losses of all kinds? Are there past losses that you have yet to grieve? Are you willing to grieve them now?

Lessons Learned:
Recognize and grieve fully all of life’s losses. Your commitment to grief is a commitment to life.  Be grateful.  This sacred time, ultimately, makes life more beautiful and you more human too.

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