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Gratitude Is A Requirement For Happiness And Joy

rsz_gratitude_for_it_allI don’t know of one single program, teacher or guru devoted to spirituality or self-development that doesn’t preach gratitude.  Not one.  It is considered an absolute prerequisite to happiness and joy.  To master gratitude, therefore, is truly a worthy and noble pursuit.  So, how does one do it?  How does one become a master of something so grand?  Certainly, expressing thanks to all those who cross your path each day is a start.  Being aware of those less fortunate than you, can also help you appreciate your blessings.  A gratitude journal is yet another way to take note of the most wonderful parts of your day.  I believe, however, to truly master gratitude, you must become grateful for it all.  This means being grateful for the ups, the downs and the in-betweens.  It means appreciating when times are easy, but also when times are hard.  It means being thankful for the joy and the laughter, but also for the heartache and the tears.  It is all of these things together that make life the magnificent, masterpiece that it is.  It is the hills and the valleys, the sunshine and the rain that sculpt us into the incredibly brave and strong human beings that we are.  It is all of life’s complexities that make each moment special and allows us to learn or gain something from every situation life throws our way.  Are you willing to look for the good in everything?  Are you willing to say thank you for it all?  Those who do, I believe, reap rewards far greater than imagined.  Do your best.  Life – all of life – is worth being grateful for.

Lessons Learned:

To master gratitude is to be grateful for each and every drop of life that comes your way – the love, the joy, the pain and the heartache.  It is all of life that makes life beautiful and gives it meaning.  When you say “thank you” to life, you say “thank you” to living.  That is how a good life is lived.


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