Food, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Changing What, Why & How You Eat

I offer private, one-on-one food, nutrition, and wellness coaching.  My mission is to teach, guide, and inspire you to optimize your food and nutritional intake, as well as your relationship with food.    


Meal Plan Design & Development

I commit to helping you design an eating plan that tastes great, optimizes your physical and mental health, promotes a healthy body weight, and is customized to your lifestyle. I’ll help you to determine what you should be eating, as well as how much.


Meal plan design considers the following:

  • Nothing more powerfully affects health and well-being than food choice.
  • Eating plenty of plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains, is essential for good health. Low fat milk products, or milk  alternatives, also fit into a healthy eating plan.  Limiting your intake of red meat, processed meats, and especially many highly palatable, ultra-processed foods is also important.
  • Research supports eating regular meals, regular snacks, and limiting late-night snacking.
  • Food location, food availability, and portion size, all powerfully affect food intake. Engineering your food environment for success really matters.

Eliminating Unhealthy Eating Behaviours

(overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and unhealthy food restriction)

I commit to helping you establish a healthier relationship with food by helping you to identify food triggers, address factors that promote disordered eating, and adopt practices that reduce it.

During our sessions, we’ll work on the following:

  • A healthy relationship with food, requires a healthy relationship with your body and “self”.
  • A critical step in changing food habits is the identification of food triggers.
  • Disordered eating can be reduced by addressing factors, such as anxiety, depression, shame, perfectionism, self-criticism, body dissatisfaction, poor emotional regulation, and lack of connection to family and friends.
  • Practices that promote a healthier relationship with food, include mindfulness (including mindful eating), the elimination of fat talk and body checking, and self-compassion. An active lifestyle, a good sleep routine, regular family meals, and meaningful life goals are also important.

Program & Fee Structure:

  •  Individual Sessions: $ 150/hour
  • Multiple Session Package (8 sessions – two 1-hour sessions, followed by 6 30-minute follow-up sessions): $ 625.00

Appointments can be done in person, by phone, or via Skype/Zoom.

The initial assessment involves a review of your goals and medical history, along with a detailed look at your current food, exercise, and sleep habits.

The length of time between follow-up appointments is based on your objectives and schedule.

Many employee health care plans cover nutrition/diet counselling with a “Registered Dietitian”.  Check to see the type of coverage you have.


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