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Five Things That Make A Mother Magnificent

rsz_mothers_loveToday is Mother’s Day!  It’s a day to celebrate motherhood and what it means to be a mother.  What do you love most about your mother?  What did she teach or give you that you are most grateful for?  If you are a mother, what do you think your children value most about you?  Here are five things that I believe all magnificent mothers have in common. 

A magnificent mother is… 


I believe every child wants a happy mother – a mother who enjoys life, laughs a lot, is fun to be around and doesn’t get caught up in the stuff that really doesn’t matter (which is most stuff!).  The happiest mothers I know don’t carry their childhood baggage with them.  They’ve worked through it, learned from it and for the most part, they’ve left it behind.  In doing so, they travel through life unencumbered.  They spend most of their time doing things that are meaningful to them and their family – things that are fulfilling and bring happiness to all.  How happy a mother are you?


Children are naturally passionate.  When they love something, they really love it!!!  I believe children want the same in a mother.  They want a mother who is passionate about something, anything.  Passion is exciting, it’s inspiring and it’s contagious!  It’s wonderful to be around.  What are you passionate about?  Can your kids feel your passion?

A Hero

Children want a mother they can look up to, one they can feel proud of.  They want her to be a winner, a champion, a hero of some sort!  It takes courage and hard work to be a hero.  You can’t be a quitter.  You have to lead with your strengths, follow your heart, and do your best.  You have to get back up when you fall.  Most importantly, you have to stand for something.  What do you stand for?

Someone Who Allows Each Child Be Them Self

Every child is unique.  Each one has their own strengths, dreams and desires.  I believe a magnificent mother fosters those strengths, dreams and desires.  She provides guidance and support, but doesn’t try to control, manipulate or take over in any way.  She’s “the wind beneath her children’s wings” and ultimately, wants nothing more than to see her children fly.  How much higher will your children fly, because of you?     


By far the most important quality of a magnificent mother is love.  This one surpasses all others.  A magnificent mother breathes love, lives love and is love – pure, unconditional and genuine.  As a result, her children know love – how to give and receive it – and because of this, everywhere they go, love goes with them.  Is there a greater legacy a mother can leave?  I don’t think so.

Lessons Learned:          

Mothers, especially magnificent mothers, deserve to be celebrated.  A magnificent mother loves life.  She’s happy, passionate and a hero to her kids in some way. She helps them to be all they can be.  Most of all, she teaches them about love – what it is, what it feels like, and why it matters.  Her children grow up knowing that there is nothing – absolutely nothing – more beautiful and more valuable than that!        


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