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Elephants You Ignore, Only Get Bigger

rsz_elephant_cartoonIf you want a great life, think about this: Right now what significant problem, more than any other, do you not want to look at or deal with? Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationships, financially insecure, working at an unfulfilling job, neglecting your health, or struggling with your kids or parents? Generally, the answer you give is your elephant in the room. In my experience everyone has an elephant of one kind or another and sometimes many. I’ve certainly had my share and it’s natural to want to ignore them. We hate that they’re there. We keep busy with other parts of our life, hoping they’ll miraculously disappear or at least get smaller. Most often, however, elephants ignored only grow in size. The bigger they get, the more they crowd out the good things in life, like happiness and joy. That’s why it pays to be an expert when it comes to elephants – taking care of the problems we want to ignore. This is hard, scary and time-consuming work, especially if the elephant’s been around for awhile. It requires tremendous honesty and courage. Asking for help or support is usually a good idea (after all, it is an elephant!). Staying the course also matters. The results are impressive. Your life becomes better in direct proportion to the number of elephants you’re willing to take down. Getting rid of a big, gigantic elephant leaves room for a big, more beautiful life. So… what’s your elephant(s)? What in your life isn’t working or needs to change? Are you willing to change it? Are you willing to do the work required? By the way, once you’ve dealt with the big elephants, I suggest you start working on the smaller ones. Show them the door while it’s still easy for them to get through.

Lessons Learned: Don’t ignore the elephants in the room. They take up space meant for happiness and joy.


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