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Take The Ceiling Off Fun!

Last summer my daughter Shannon and five of her friends were playing in the park behind our house.  It started to rain so they all ran and took cover on my front porch.  We watched as the rain started to pelt down.  All of a sudden my daughter runs off the porch and yells to her friends “come on guys.”  For the next half hour all six of them ran around in the pouring rain and got totally drenched.  When Shannon finally came in to eat dinner and put on some warm clothes, she said “that was so much fun!!!”  So, my question to you is this?  How much fun are you having in your life right now?  How many times a day do you laugh?  How many times a day do you let yourself go a little crazy?  Do you put a ceiling on the amount of fun you allow yourself to experience?  What if there was no limit?  What if one of your goals was to make life as fun as it could possibly be?  Having fun, each and every day, is one of my life goals.  I look for fun and try to embrace it.  I seek to lift the ceiling off fun or at least put the ceiling higher than it’s been in the past.  It’s not always easy.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but for the most part, I’ve found that when I look for fun, I’m much more likely to find and experience it and guess what… life becomes a lot more fun!!!  How wonderful is that!

Lessons Learned:

  • Life is way too short not to fill it with fun.  Make “fun” a daily part of yours.

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