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Do You Carry Sickness or Health?

rsz_health_is_contagiousWhen you walk into a room, do you bring sickness or health?  I’m talking about both physical and mental health.  Good physical health means your body is in good working order.  You eat healthy, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.  Your weight is healthy and you’re free from disease.  Good mental health means you have healthy thoughts and feelings.  You practice gratitude, forgiveness and definitely love.  You have peace on the inside which translates to peace on the outside.  The health you carry has an incredible impact on the well-being of those you spend time with.  You transmit health everywhere you go.  If your health is good (physical and mental), you positively affect the health of others.  Your wellness helps others get well.  If your health is poor (physical and mental), you compromise the health of others.  Your sickness makes others unwell.  All human health is inter-connected energy, like a wave.  That’s why when you take care of you, you take care of others.  How well do you tend to your own physical health?  What about your mental health?  Do you take full responsibility for the health you carry?

Lessons Learned:

Health is contagious, both physical and mental.  Good health makes others healthier.  Poor health makes others unwell.  Be responsible.  Carry good health with you everywhere you go.  A healthier you, makes a healthier world.


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