When In Doubt Eat Broccoli

Here’s what people had to say about Liz’s first book…

(this book is no longer in print)

“One of best Canadian books of the year. Outstanding. Chock-full of easy to understand info about nutrition as well as excellent recipes. Pearson has a knack for communicating.”

Marion Kane, Food Editor, Toronto Star


“Have you ever read a nutrition book that you couldn’t put down? Well, this was a first for me. Registered dietitian Liz Pearson may have accomplished the unthinkable.”

Jennifer Cockrall-King, Edmonton City Palate


“This is the book of an outstanding communicator.”

Julian Armstrong, Food Editor, Montreal Gazette


“When In Doubt, Eat Broccoli is a fun-filled nutrition book containing loads of information presented in an entertaining way. It’s a must-have for your nutrition library.”

Fran Berkoff, Dietitian, Toronto Sun


“We recommend When In Doubt, Eat Broccoli, an entertaining nutrition guide that makes the switch to healthy eating positively painless.”

Homemaker’s Magazine


“Pearson’s personable approach shines through in her honest, clear writing style. The title says it all, healthy eating is about enjoying all foods, even chocolate, while keeping balance and moderation in mind.”

Mara Galic, Woman News Magazine


“Your book is absolutely fantastic. I have rarely seen anything that is so nicely laid out, so easy to read and yet so comprehensive.”

Dr. Tom Todd, The Toronto Hospital


“Thanks to your book, I’ve lost 56 pounds. I’ve learned how to eat healthy and yet, still enjoy many of my favourite foods.”

Melissa Wiseman, Teenager, Scarborough