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Blueberries For Awesome Brain Health

rsz_blueberries_for_your_brainYour brain is the most complex organ in your body, containing more than 100 billion specialized cells that command everything you do, think, sense and say.  Protecting these cells from damage is critical.  That’s where berries come in.  They’re antioxidant all-stars and definitely deserve a spot in your daily eating plan.  They protect brain cell function and circuitry and help keep brain cells young.  For example:

Berries Keep Brain Cells Alive

When someone has a stroke, some of their brain cells die. This can result in major disability or even death. Animal research from the University of South Florida indicates that when berries are included in the daily diet and a stroke is induced, there is a 50% decrease in brain cell death. That’s remarkable!

Housekeepers for the Brain

Have you ever hired someone to clean your house? Eating berries is like hiring someone to clean your brain. Based on a study from the Agricultural Research Service Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, berries are our brain’s natural housekeeper: When you eat them, they activate a mechanism that cleans up a type of toxic debris that can cause memory loss and other mental declines that come with age.

Your Brain Likes Blue

Research from the University of Manchester says that the majority of debilitating disease is caused in part by poorly bound iron in the body that causes the production of a specific type of harmful, cell-damaging free radical. The good news is that purple or blue fruits like blueberries can’t be beat for their ability to bind this iron and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your health. Go, berries, go!

Which Berry Is Best?

Cornell researchers put wild blueberries at the top of the antioxidant all-stars list. All berries, however, are antioxidant superheroes. No matter what kind you eat, your body screams “Thank You!”  Aim for at least 1 cup (250 mL) of fresh or frozen berries each day.

Lessons Learned:

Berries are antioxidant all-stars and the ultimate brain health food.  Eat at least 1 cup (250 mL) daily to keep your brain cells in tip top form!


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