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A Powerful, But Simple Rule For Eating Healthy When Life Gets Busy

Would you like a “nutrition rule” to live by, that could change your life?  It’s a very simple rule, but powerfully effective.  It’s geared for families who live life in the fast lane.  Here it is:  always decide today, what you’re having for dinner tomorrow!  I told you it was simple.  The reality is, when life gets busy, dinner is often the meal that suffers most.  That’s because upon arriving home after a hectic day at work, we’re usually tired, worn out and just plain done.  Even just thinking about what to cook seems like too much effort.  Instead we dine out,  grab take-out or throw something not-so-healthy together.  A much better option is to decide today, what you’re having for dinner tomorrow.  Ideally you should also do a bit of prep work, like taking meat out of the freezer or putting required ingredients on the counter.  One day of pre-planning greatly increases the odds of dinner actually being served!  That’s great news for everyone, because meals made at home are generally more nutritious, lower in cost and better for your waistline, as well as your arteries.

Lessons Learned:

  • Plan today what to serve for dinner tomorrow.  This greatly increases the likelihood of dinner making it to the table and meals served at home are generally healthier and better for you.

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