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A Master At Work Is A Beautiful Thing

rsz_mastery_quote_pictureHave you ever had the honour and privilege of seeing a true master at work?  The other night a girlfriend of mine invited me to go and see a fiddle rock band.  The name of the band, quite appropriately, was Fiddlestix and the lead in the band, was a guy by the name of Steve Bowen.  He plays the electric violin.  I had no expectation of what the band would sound like prior to entering the bar, however, as soon as Steve started playing, I knew I was in the presence of a master.  I knew that I was witnessing something extraordinary, something truly special!  This was not a time to take for granted, but one to truly revel in.  This guy could play the violin like no one I had ever seen before.  He played fast, he played slow, he played soft and he played hard.  It was magical to watch.  When the band took a break, I approached Steve and asked him how long he had been playing.  He told me 38 years.  He had been playing the violin since the age of four.  I was in the presence of a master.  When is the last time you got to see at master at work?  Was it an athlete, an artist, a speaker, a musician?  Do you realize what it truly takes to be a master – the time, the passion, the dedication, the incredible heart and the soul?  Are you a master?  There are masters in all walks of life.  If you ever have the honour and privilege to share time with one, realize what a true honour it is.

Lessons Learned:

Some people are masters in their field.  They put their heart and soul into learning, practicing and perfecting their craft.  To witness a master at work is truly a privilege and an honour in deed.

P.S.  If you want to see Steve in action on the violin, watch this clip.  This clip is from two years when the band appeared on Breakfast Television.




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