Fruits and vegetables are disease-fighting superstars.  What’s your excuse for not eating them ?


How connected are you to your kids? It’s not how you connect that matters, it only matters that you do.


Is your black and white thinking putting a limit on how wonderful your life can be? Dare to live in the gray zone.


Are you looking for recipes that are healthy, easy and totally delicious?

My Last Book

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“Best book I have ever read! Basically if my house was burning down, this would be the one thing I would save! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Jade Laura Jenkins

My Up & Coming Book (May 2014)

If you believe that food, love and life should be delicious, my next book is definitely for you. It contains insightful and thought-provoking lessons about eating well, loving well and living well, along with awesome recipes that I’m sure you’ll love. Stay tuned for more details.